What Our Customers Have to Say!

Point of Sale and Surveillance

Latin American Market, SeaTac, WA
"Computer Service Solutions has helped us to control and manage our business through a computerized cash register. Adding a surveillance system has increased not only our security, but also has given us more freedom. We can rely on these two systems when we leave our workers unsupervised. … I would recommend these systems to any business owner looking for increased security and freedom.”
Latin Market
Denny Way Shell, Belltown, Seattle, WA
"Thanks to the professionals of C.S.S. we are able to record crisp clear images and keep them for a long time."
Denny Way Shell
Hong Kong Supermarket, Tacoma, WA
"Without a doubt C.S.S. provided the best solution for our business. All the work was completed on time and we know we can rely on them for any questions we may have in the use of our new POS system."
Hong Kong Supermarket
Computer Sonics, Tukwila, WA
"We are able to monitor our stores with more efficiency"
Computer Sonics
Sleepers in Seattle, West Seattle, Seattle, WA
"Their knowledge of computers and systems has helped our business to run smoothly"
Sleepers in Seattle
Car Care Solutions, Ellensburg, WA
"Thank you C.S.S. for all your recommendations. The surveillance system that your team installed in my car shop has helped me to maintain an eye on my customers cars and my tools even when I am away."
Car Care Solutions
Perk Central, Lakewood, WA
"The surveillance system that C.S.S installed has helped us increase the security at our coffee shop."
Perk Central
Fox Hollow, Federal Way, WA
"I am very pleased with your quality products and dedicated customer service"
Fox Hollow
Café Pegasso, DuPont, WA
"Thank you C.S.S. you guys are great to us! Our coffee shop is running smoothly with your Point of Sale and we feel well protected with the surveillance system you installed for us."
Cafe Pegasso
Energy Bar, Bremerton, WA

"I appreciate the good job you guys have done in the security system and POS system."
Energy Bar
Jalapenos, Renton, WA
"I'm very thankful for the effort that all the C.S.S team did and the great customer service"
Veloce Bicycles, Portland, OR

"I don't know much about computers but this POS is great!!"
Veloce Bicycles

Computer Repair and Data Recovery

“Really great job at translating the computer language into English for me!  Thank-you!”
--Lisa B.

“I was very impressed with your services.  I came to you with a computer that I had pretty much given up on and you brought it back to life.  With no expectations going in, I came away with a sense of awe at how quickly you found the problem, and then the communication with me was amazing.  I’ll refer you to everyone I know.”
--Toby W.

“Restored my system and got me up.  I am a happy camper.”
--Leo L.

“Honest!  I can’t believe it!  You will get all my business and referrals.”
--Tom H.

“I felt very confident leaving my laptop for repair—excellent service, finished earlier than expected!”
--Linda V.

“Excellent, prompt, and knowledgeable service.  I won’t hesitate to recommend this company to others.”
--Bill A.

“Super happy.  We got our computer back so fast.  Thanks for all your help!”
--Gordon T.